How Does The Flexible Trust Account Work

How Does The Flexible Trust Account Work?

How it works.

The FTA is a regulated pension scheme that can accept contributions not only from members (investors) but also from their employers if that’s relevant.

Once an adviser has provided basic client details, we provide a comprehensive client report for them to discuss with their client. The report contains all key information to allow the client to decide to proceed, especially regarding costs, investment flexibility and tax efficiency.

We open the clients account by establishing them as an employee of one of our companies, which gives them benefits including a pension account. The pension account can be funded directly by a lump sum or regular payments by the client. Or it can be funded by their employer with gross premiums if that’s possible.

Age of the client isn’t an issue, nor is premium size – often clients don’t consider an effective way of mitigating inheritance tax until they’re quite elderly – and even then, they don’t want to lose control of their assets. With the FTA, assets are immediately exempt from inheritance tax, as well as probate, yet clients can still access funds if required.

All growth within the FTA is free of tax.

The FTA is FATCA & CRS compliant.